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Our Doberman, RCi, Survived 34 Months with Cancer

and lived a quality of life with APA ANTIOXIDANT BOOSTER - an all-natural supplemental product!

(*having no tumor removal, no chemo or radiation treatments. 34 months to a canine is equivelant to 24.3 human years.)


Did you know Cancer is the #1 killer in dogs and 50% of the dogs that live to six years of age will get some form of cancer (in cats it is 30-60%). So be proactive -- one of the ways is to keep your fur kid’s immune system super-energized with antioxidants! OR if your fur kid(s) has health issues – fight back and give their immune system the ammunition "edge." Antioxidants have been know to reverse and/or combat problems.

Dog and Cat
Read RCi's Story & her journey
with cancer

Just like you, your fur kid(s) need antioxidants on a daily basis for a healthy life. The problem is our fur kids are not eating enough natural foods high in antioxidants. And if you cook their food you are cooking out 50-80% of the good nutrients. Our fur kids like us are daily exposed to millions of free radical (toxins) damage just from breathing the air that contains toxins and pollutants, which is both inside and outside of our homes. Free radicals deteriorate the immune system in ALL living things. Gravity naturally pulls toxins and pollutants to the ground outside and to the floors within our homes — our fur kids lay on the floors thus these toxins and pollutants can stick in their coats and eventually can be absorbed through their skin and/or pads of their feet, Unlike us our fur kids do not bathe every day to wash away toxins. Our fur kids innocently sniff around on the ground or bushes and toxins are directly inhale into their respiratory system, they eat things off the floor and/or ground, thus ingest toxins directly.

Especially when they eat grass that has been chemically treated or fertilized or not - remember gravity pulls the toxins in the air to the ground! Also, some of the chemicals used to preserve pet food have revealed to be cancer causing agents. (mouth cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in dogs.) All this exposure may have a cumulative effect and eventually can cause one or more types of cancer to develop.

(Do an experiment - cut an apple in half and turn the apple so the inside part is exposed to the air. As you continue to surf A'Dobe Angel's website, every 5-10 minutes check the white of the apple, and watch how quickly it turns brown.  This IS the effect of toxins/free radicals doing damage called oxidation. Now think about this, as the insides of your and your fur kid's body taking in free radicals from just breathing.  If you let this damage continue, it accumulates and will result in damage areas within the body and leads to health problems.  To possibly prevent and stop some of this damage to the apple, most of us know rubbing a bit of lemon juice on the surface will help - why? It's an antioxidant!) 

APA  Antioxidant Booster is a combination of micro-Algae, Plant enzymes and an Amino acid (APA), which basically enhances your pet's (dog, cat, etc.) immune system with an abundance of all-natural protective antioxidants. It contains vegetarian proteins, omega 3, an amino acid and is high in fiber!   A great healthy combination for your fur kid needs!   It is a fact, that if you fur kid is receiving chemo and radiation treatments, not only does this help destroy the cancerous cells, but destroys healthy good cells too.

Whole and Cut Apples

Just like your body, anytime something is introduced that is more natural for it to absorb, the body will naturally embrace all the nutrients more efficiently and will put it toward the body's advantage to be healthier and that is what APA Antioxidant Booster is about a natural supplement that the body can absorb and use as a defense.

A Dog Eating Food

APA Antioxidant Booster is a powder mix that easily liquifies for absorption by the body. The benefit of the powder form, is that it gives pet parents a variety of ways to introduce this super- antioxidant supplement to their fur kid(s) to consume.  We also created a simple daily regimes for fur kid(s) with compromised immune systems (or with health issues ie. cancer, Valley Fever, etc.) and another for pet parents who want to just supplement their fur kid’s diet with antioxidants as a possible preventative of health issues.  Both are easy to implement into your daily life and will possibly result in a healthier one for your fur kid(s).

APA Antioxidant Booster is inexpensive and your fur kid(s) receive an abundance of supplemental nutrients as a part their daily diet. You will see how he/she will seem to be happier, more energized.

Added benefits that we have heard from clients (and experienced with our fur kid clan) are:  diminished stinky breath; "poopies" don't smell nearly as bad; less bad gas odors;he/she seems more happier and alert; has great energy almost "puppy-like"; developed a better looking coat of fur; teeth seem to be whiter due to less tartar (decrease build up of bacteria on the teeth and in the mouth means better all around health.); also can lessen pain (high antioxidants can help with pain by increasing circulation and decreasing inflammation.  Inflammation is what causes pain and about 80% of diseases in the body.)

When we developed APA Antioxidant Booster for our Doberman, RCi, who had cancer — our main objective was to give RCi an extension of life with cancer and best quality of life! Our RCi had a zest for life that never stopped – she loved playing football, running and jumping.  She lived 34 months, which was far beyond what our veterinarian and a team of university oncologists predicted with her cancer and she did NOT have tumor removal, nor chemo or radiation treatments. 

Experiencing first hand for ourselves, that natural supplements enriched with antioxidants can aid in keeping the immune system and body healthy and this is why we share RCi's story and want to highly advocate to pet parents to be proactive with their fur kid's health and to give your fur kid(s) antioxidants daily with APA Antioxidant Booster!

RCi  Happy and Healthy
RCi Happy and Healthy

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