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An evaluation from our veterinarian Dr. Lucie C. Levy 

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January 12, 2007 

Re: Case of fibrosarcoma treated with homeopathy.

To whom it may concern, 

R.Ci came to visit me at the beginning of 2002 for a routine physical exam and yearly vaccination. R.Ci was a 6 year old female spayed Doberman Pincher with a calm but determined temperament. In January 2003, R.Ci was diagnosed with a fibrosarcoma adjacent to the left side of her thoracic cage.  The tumor was the size of a golf ball (about 5 cm in diameter) and was prominent to the exterior aspect of the thorax.  R.Ci was referred to the department of oncology of the Veterinary School at Purdue University.  According to the referral correspondence on February 12, 2003, the tumor mass measured 8-9 cm in diameter.  The diagnosis was confirmed by histopathology and it was recommended to do surgery to remove the tumor as well as 4 ribs, followed by a reconstruction of the thoracic cage.  Radiation treatments for 8 to 10 weeks were the second step.  The owners did not want to put R.Ci through such a surgery and stress, and opted to try an alternative therapy based on homeopathy. 

I followed RCi’s progress with great interest and on a regular basis.  R.Ci would stop by with her owner to show her progress.  Within a few months, the tumor totally disappeared.  Moreover, R.Ci had a “healthy and normal” life for the following 34 months, keeping up her normal weight.  R.Ci was a good jogger and continued to do so like nothing happened.  There was no sign of any other tumor or metastasis.  R.Ci, was living day by day just as the other dogs in her family 

We all knew that the tumor was in remission and we knew that one day, it would reappear.  On October 20, 2005, R.Ci presented some difficulty breathing and was panting quite a lot.  The clinical signs happened suddenly.  Radiologic study of the lungs was done and our suspicions were confirmed.  Metastases were found in the lungs.  It was decided that RCi’s fight with her cancer was over.  R.Ci who was given a few months survival time with the major surgery and radiation treatments, succeeded to give 34 more happy months to her family.  

RCi’s case demonstrated to us the benefits of homeopathy.  Her survival time was much more than the few months with a traditional aggressive treatment, and her quality of life was excellent during her fibrosarcoma remission.  There is no doubt that R.Ci would not have survive more than a few months without the homeopathy treatment.  Because of R.Ci, I have used homeopathy on several different cancer cases and have seen similar results.

Lucie C. Levy, D.V.M., MS