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APA & Healing

APA - It's About Healing From the Inside Out!

This what Antioxidants are all about - Healing from the inside out! Riki, our Rat Terrier experience is the perfect example. Riki had a benign tumor the size of small bird's egg removed from her left hind ankle on the Wednesday, just before Thanksgiving (November 24, 2010), it left a 2-1/4” length wound (Riki's measurement from her hock to her toe is only four inches!).

When we picked up Riki after surgery - the vet told us because there is so little skin is on the ankle area of the body, she stitched it the best she could and healing is going to take a longer span of time for that gap to close and wanted us to schedule a follow-up appointment in 10-14 days in order to remove the stitches. Riki went home with her whole foot from tip of her toe to top of her hock wrapped in boot.

Wee hours of Sunday morning (November 28th - approximately 3-1/2 days post-surgery), Riki (the little stinker) snuck out of our bedroom and tore off the boot wrapping and took out the 7-10 stitches herself! When I found her, I called the vet. The vet asked if there was any bleeding, I told her, no. She was surprised to hear that answer, but since there was no bleeding and Riki appeared to be in no pain, there wasn't an urgent need to bring her in. (her foot was itchy and we think this is why she tore off the boot) So, we brought Riki into see the vet the next day (Monday, November 29th). The vet took one looked at Riki's wound area and asked what had we done??!!?? And then said she couldn't re-stitch it, because there was no need to. The vet could not believe how fast the wound had healed since surgery just 5 days ago (see the edges of the wound in the photo).

She again asked what we had done to promote healing and cell regeneration, because this was very quickly happening in an area with so little skin. We told her, three days prior to surgery we gave Riki twice a day APA Antioxidant Booster to super energize her system and increase circulation with the antioxidant content prepping her body for repairing. And I told her we will continued this routine for ten days after surgery, then will go back to her daily once a day routine of APA.

Compare November 29 (5th day after surgery) to December 5th (11th day after surgery) - the wound has "filled in" in just six days!

Now, look at the photos of December 5th (11th day) and December 8th (15 day days photo) - Riki’s wound is way past healed to have her stitches removed. (remember, after surgery the vet requested for us to make a follow-up appointment 10-14 after surgery to have her stitches removed?)

Please compare from December 8th photo to the December 14th (21 days after surgery) - there is a huge difference in shrinkage of the wound area – approximately 50% MORE HEALED!

5 Days After Surgery - November 29, 2010

5 Days After Surgery - November 29

11 Days After Surgery - December 5, 2010

11 Days After Surgery - December 5

15 Days After Surgery - December 8, 2010

15 Days After Surgery - December 5

21 Days After Surgery - December 14, 2010

21 Days After Surgery - December 14

The antioxidants and nutrients in APA seem to have sped up the repair and recovery phase by helping in decreasing the inflammation and increasing circulation for healing to occur. Achieving better circulation within the body is what you aim for in best optimal health. Also, the other wonderful part is Riki never seemed to be in pain - (pain is caused by inflammation cutting off blood flow) - thus she did not need to use her pain pills. She just wagged her tail so hard her whole rear end twisted with each swing. We swear one of these days she is going to wag so hard, her tail will just fly right off!

So, if you know of anyone who has a fur kid that willl be under-going surgery, please suggest for them to try APA Antioxidant Booster to get their fur kid's immune system super energize which will help in recovery of the trauma and restoring health quicker. APA Antioxidant Booster contains vegetarian proteins, omega 3, an amino acid and natural fiber. All our fur kids take APA as a supplement in their daily diet. Our mission is to promote for all pet parents to be proactive with their fur kid's health and give them a happy, quality of life by supplementing with APA Antioxidant Booster. It’s all about flooding the body with antioxidants to the rescue, for quicker repair and recovery and healing from the inside out!

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