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Dealing with Cancer

Dealing with Cancer & Your Fur Kid

We know how devastating it is to get news that your special loved one has cancer. Here are a few tips on how to deal with this situation.

1.) Be Positive! — This is of utmost importance! It is ok to be emotionally traumatized by the news of cancer. The hard part is that you cannot communicate this devastating information to your fur kid. Do yourself a favor, try to get back to normal as soon as possible. Your pet senses your emotions and it may scare him/her to see you and family members so depressed. Your reaction may cause your pet to stay away from you, thinking they may have done something wrong to cause you to act this way, so he/she may also become depressed too. Then in turn, you will read their depression as a sign of your pet going downhill due to the cancer, causing YOU to react more depressed. Thus, the negativity becomes cyclical. Break the cycle and initiate the change in your reaction toward your loved one.

Be extra loving, but be positive. Focus on giving your pet a quality of life. You will see that what you give, you will get back. If you give a positive attitude, you will get positive feedback from your pet! Life with cancer definitely gives you a new prospective on life. It makes you appreciate how precious life is, but quality is of ultimate importance. So, hug your special loved one every day like there is no tomorrow. . .you will never regret it.

2.)  Knowledge is Powerful — Research your pet's disease on the internet or at the library. You will find that your fears will lessen once you understand what the disease is about, its symptoms, and the treatment options available. Knowledge will provide you with a sense of empowerment in dealing with the cancer. With the new knowledge you have acquired, you are taking control and can ask more detailed questions of your veterinarian / pet health care professional regarding your pet's situation.

3.)  Know & Understand Your Options — To increase your odds, consider all options available. It has been clinically proven a combination of both medical treatments (surgery, chemo, radiation) AND alternative treatments (supplements, herbs and cancer specific diets) can increase the survival and quality of life with cancer. Consult with your vet or specialist about your pet's situation.

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Knowledge is powerful — use it to your advantage!

It is important to always secure a copy of the diagnosis, recommended treatment(s), lab reports and tests. With this in hand, you can properly do your own research. Understanding all aspects of what you are dealing with, which helps you to make decisions on your options. Never feel intimidated to ask questions of your vet/specialist, no matter how minor you may think they are.

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4.) Do Not Let Guilt Guide You — We all know that special care, surgery and treatments may be necessary to save or extend your pet's life and the procedures that are recommend by the vet or pet health care professional are something you may not want to put your pet through. Or the treatment program is an expense that you may be unable to finance. Do NOT let feelings of guilt force you into doing something. Remember, you are the owner of your beloved fur kid. Take control and make the decisions based on what is best for both of you. You know your pet better than anyone and what is best. Your pet will accept your decision because he/she loves and trusts you! Remember, quality of life is the most important thing you can give your pet. So, trust your judgment in what is best and know your fur kid will too!

5.) Exercise is Important — It is very important to get your pet to exercise daily, whether it be playing and chasing a ball/ frisbee, taking a walk, playing with your children or whatever he/she likes to do. Exercise on a consistent basis is definitely a benefit to your pet's health regardless of cancer. It keeps your pet active, healthier and happier and you too! Exercising with your pet creates a tighter bond for the both of you. Because your fur kid sees it as time you are with them and it is time you will come to enjoy as special moments that you will treasure seeing how full of vigor he/she is and loving every second of life!

6.) Keep a Journal — Keeping a journal on your pet's situation will be a valuable tool. Document all information on your pet's situation, what you are feeding him/her, how many times daily, any test results, general health notes and even emotions that you are going through. Do not depend on your memory.

You need to document a starting point so that you can see if there is progress or where adjustments can be made, whether it be medical and/or supplemental treatment, diet, exercise, etc. Record information every week, even if there are no changes. You will see how this will become important information that will guide you in your care for your special fur kid.

7.) Take Control of the Situation — Your pet is depending on you to provide the best quality of life possible. Do not let yourself become bogged down with grief or guilt. Make decisions and take action. DO something about it! When you act, you are taking control of the situation and will be making progress in a positive way! So, why not try APA Antioxidant Booster?

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