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Daily Dosage

How much APA Antioxidant Booster does my fur kid need? 

Just give your fur kid the designated amount according to your their weight   Some fur kids will consume APA Antioxidant Booster spooned right from the bag or can be mixed with cold water or sprinkle over their food and add cold water.  For a tasty treat, try this -- mix APA with cottage cheese and flavoring of a bit of cream of chicken soup straight from the can (not heated).  Our dogs and cat react very positive and gobbled up APA mix.  However, we did a taste test with many other fur kids. Our neighbor's dog, Meke, literally pounced on me, knocked the bowl out of my hands and licked it up!  A finicky Golden Retriever named, Rudy, hesitantly checked it out the green porridge in his bowl, tasted it, ate it, then carried his bowl away to lick it cleaner!

Fur kids with compromised immune systems (or have health issues such as cancer, valley fever, etc.) It is important to give APA Antioxidant Booster THREE times daily.


(For accuracy, please use baking measuring spoons)

  • 10-20 lbs.  -  give 1-1/2 to 2 level Teaspoons
  • 21-40 lbs.  -  give 1 level TABLESPOON
  • 41-60  -  give 1-1/2 TABLESPOONS
  • 61-85 lbs. and up  -  give 2 level TABLESPOONS

For proactive pet parents using APA Antioxidant Booster as a DAILY HEALTH SUPPLEMENT, give once or twice daily.


(For accuracy, please use baking measuring spoons)

  • 10-20 lbs.  -  give 1 Teaspoon
  • 21-40 lbs.  -  give 2 level Teaspoons
  • 41-60 lbs. -  give 2-1/2 Teaspoons
  • 61-85 lbs. and up  -  give 1 level TABLESPOON

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We do not suggest everyone do what we did in foregoing medical treatment for cancer.  However, consider supplementing with antioxidants in conjunction with medical treatments or as a proactive daily health supplement.  Antioxidants gives your pet’s immune system the ammunition “edge” to help fight and possibly prevent issues. We, as fur kid parents, know and understand the emotional roller coaster you are on when you learn your "special one" has cancer.  We hope you will consider the option of trying RCi's APA Antioxidant Booster as a supplement to your pet's daily nutrition.  We feel this gave our RCi the potential to increase her quality of life, longevity and increased her energy levels by boosting her immune system.  We celebrated each day, as we looked into her eyes and saw life dancing about!  She was alert, active and happy that was all that matter to us.

APA Antioxidant Booster and comes in a re-sealable, foil pouch to insure freshness. All orders are sent priority mail.  Two and three kilo bags can be sent for the same shipping and handling price as one. (*Priority shipping price is for U.S. only)   Please refrigerate or freeze upon arrival and after opening.  

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General Disclaimer:
Our product is intended for animal use only. It consists of all natural supplements used to support and boost the immune system.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent diseases.
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